Rob Goldberg

I make photo paintings. If you have a vision of an amazing photo - I will help make it a reality.

I am a photography artist with over 20 years experience. My passion is creating amazing compositions that include a combination of lighting, style and positioning to create jaw-dropping photo paintings.

If you have a passion project or something you’ve been dreaming about creating – I would be very happy to be a part of it.

Please note that my projects take time (sometimes a lot of time) to get that perfect shot and depending on the project, there can be a lot of post-production. I want to make every project perfect – that’s how you can create something truly great.

Drop me a line and describe what you’d like to do, I love to help make people’s visions come true!

4 reviews

  1. I love love love my photos!!!

    I recommend Rob to the end of the world – he is a real artist. I’ve always had the idea that I wanted this special photo of me that was very stylized, but I never had a chance to do it. Then I got a big promotion and figured that this was just going to be the cherry on top.

    I must have talked to 30 different photographers before I found Rob on here. But he is just a cut above everyone else. He had some great ideas and before I knew it, we actually made my concept a reality.

    I actually didn’t really know how to explain it, but he is such a pro that he got exactly what I meant and then even made it better. I didn’t realize this stuff was possible. I’ve made lots of different prints of it and it’s actually my prize possession.

    Rob – you made my year, thank you!

  2. Great experience!!!

    My husband and I wanted to do something very different for our engagement announcement. We came to Rob to help us develop some kind of concept to send out to family and friends. And wow, did he deliver. Rob absolutely blew us away with what was possible.

    After a lot of hard work on his part (and us just having some free sodas in his studio 🙂 thanks!) – he gave us an engagement invitation that we are all still talking about. It is magazine-worthy and one of our favorite things.

    We are going to ask him to do something for our wedding, but I don’t know how he can top this. Just wow! If you ever want something awesome – Rob is your guy.

  3. Family photos that are out of this world

    I wanted to do something really special with our family photos (we really didn’t want the on-the-mantle type of standard pic) – so we went with Rob based on his portfolio and some references. He showed me some of the things he’s done and he is a real artist. This stuff is hard. It took a long time to get everything just right for the kind of photo we wanted and to keep the baby from crying and for the lights and everything. But he knew exactly how to do things and it was a really amazing experience. We have the main photo in the middle of our house and sometimes we just stand there looking at it. Rob is absolutely an amazing artist – thank you!

  4. Wonderful photos of our daughter

    We are a little crazy with our daughter and tend to dress her up a bit too much (she loves it too!). We’ve always wanted to get some photos that were a cut above what we could accomplish ourselves.

    We saw Rob’s work and it was mind-blowing. We basically hired him 10mins after we saw him on this site.

    He really delivered – we could never have made those pictures the way he did. He was also super duper nice and friendly, he made us feel totally at ease and helped entertain our daughter if she got antsy, which is not easy to do!

    We are going to be coming back every few months to get more and more of these amazing concepts. He is wonderful!

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