Sam Jameson

I am a 25+ year wedding & enagement photographer that loves to make your day as special as can be

I love doing wedding photography and have been at it for over 20 years. I love helping a couple discover their style and to make their images reflective of their taste as a couple. My favorite thing is to take the different style that the bride and groom often bring to the shoot, and help them combine them into a product that they absolutely love.

5 reviews

  1. Sam was spectacular!!!

    Thank you so much for this amazing shoot! We absolutely loved it. Anyone else looking to make some amazing photos, don’t look for anyone else – Sam made our event a spectacular success.

  2. He made our event very special

    The photos from our event were spectacular and we had a great time dealing with Sam. He was incredibly kind, professional, and easy to work with.

    Our wedding did not go off without a hitch – it rained and we had to move to a new venue, our timeline was really off, and there was a whole lot of confusion. But throughout the whole thing, Sam was just great to work with.

    He actually went above and beyond, helped us calm down – and actually used the whole rain incident as a great backdrop for an amazing set of photos. He was the star of the wedding party, a complete professional with a great sense of humor – lots of people told us of a great experience with him.

    He helped turn confusion into a great experience – and we have the photos to prove it! We can’t recommend him highly enough!

  3. Wonderful photos and complete professionalism. Highly recommend!

    We had a wonderful experience with Sam – he was amazing in so many ways. Most importantly, the resulting photos were amazing. He also had a great combination of unobtrusiveness and engagement with people depending on what called for it.

    He has obviously been doing it for a long time with great success and it shows. He helped us during the rehearsal dinner and he made my grandmother laugh. It was all we could wish for and we are very happy we could get him.

    I can’t recommend him highly enough!

  4. Highly recommend

    We had a great experience with our shoot. He arrived ahead of time, knew exactly what to do, handled everything really well, and his wedding package was affordable. I’ve heard some wedding horror stories about some photographers, but that means they didn’t hire Sam. It was great.

  5. The best investment we made

    We did our Engagement Photos and Wedding Photos with Sam. Working with him was an awesome experience. The pictures turns out great, and our wedding album is on our mantle now.

    Sam would go above and beyond making sure your event will go as planned. He could double as a coordinator! He made sure everything ran on time without missing any important moments.

    After the shoot, Sam was very fast with delivering the pictures and they were easy to share and download. I would love to see if Sam can do a family shoot for us next year. Great job!

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